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Friday, March 20th

posted Mar 20, 2020, 8:14 AM by
Fabulous Friday!  It is almost the weekend= yahoo!

1.  Have you received a score for your emoji paragraph?  If not, please complete and send to me.

2.  Did you hand in your lit. circle work yesterday?
     Next lit circle assignment due Monday by 3:00pm

3.  Did you do IXL yesterday?  If so, you are off the hook :).  If not, you owe 30 min. by Sunday.

4.  Today's LA assignment:  
     Please send me your best simile or metaphor that describes remote learning.
     **It is only one sentence, so make it a good one.  You have all day to think about it. You can send this in an email because I'm going to past all of them in one document.  The best 3 similes/metaphors will earn a ticket.

5.  Go back through this list, and make sure you have done everything, so you can enjoy your weekend.

I miss all of you 😥