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Thursday, March 19th

posted Mar 19, 2020, 4:57 AM by
Happy Thursday 😃!

Lit. circles are due by 3:00pm today.  I might end up creating one document for each group, so please check your email later to see if I want you responding to your group's work.

Complete 15 min. of IXL today.  Select a starred skill.  If you get answers wrong, please read the explanation, or email me with questions.  These skills are an important part of your education.

If you didn't get a score for your Emoji Assignment, please finish it today 📝👍, and send it to me.

I'm not assigning anything extra today, so your lit. circle work should be amazing.  Get outside for some fresh air if the weather is nice, or take the time to do something you enjoy.

Missing you more and more each day,
Ms. S