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Wednesday, March 18th

posted Mar 18, 2020, 7:49 AM by Tracy Scully
Happy Wonderful Wednesday!
This is the first day of remote learning, so please read directions carefully (more than once). I included a suggestion at the end.

1.  Your literature circles are still due on Thursday, Monday, Thursday, Monday.  
Raft needs to submit last annotations to me before reading the next book.

Fallout needs to submit most recent annotations to MRS. OTIS and finish reading the book by Thursday at 3:00pm when you will submit end of the book annotations to MRS. OTIS. 

Out of the Dust can submit each section to me on a google document.  At some point, I will create a google document for everyone in this group, so you can comment to each other. PLEASE DON'T READ BEYOND PAGE 51 FOR THIS THURSDAY.

Cloud and Wallfish needs to access the google classroom Mrs. Rainaud set up for you.  Mrs. Rainaud may assign other reading based on the history discussed in your book.

Thunderhead needs to access the google classroom Mrs.Goodwin set up for you.

Use the link below to access Scholastic Learn at Home: Grades 6+.  Go to DAY 1 and read the article titled "All About Emojis".

Complete the following assignment in a google doc and share it with me:
Your Name
Article Name

Watch the “All About Emojis” video😃❤🙃 . At the end of the video, the host asks: “What kinds of emojis would you like to see in the future?” Which emojis do you think are missing🔍 ? It's your turn to come up with an idea for a new emoji—sketch a design in a notebook📓  or on the computer 💻, and write a short paragraph describing it. What does it look like? What category is it in? How do you think people will use it when they're sending a text? Include something you learned in the article when constructing your paragraph. **If you sketch one, send me the picture if possible📸 .

**I showed you my new emoji in my video yesterday :).  Exercise category: Split, smile, with a bow. 

Whenever you submit an entry for these articles, I am looking for excellent, detailed writing, where you practice sentence structure, clever thoughts, use of textual evidence, and demonstrate evidence of editing.

I am having a friend judge all emojis.  The top 3 emojis earn tickets🎟🎟🎟 🎉 .

Create a list of assignments each day because you will receive a few emails each day from teachers or ed. techs.
LA:  Lit circles due by Thursday at 3:00pm
       Emoji article due today by 4:00pm 🎖

Missing you🙁 , 
Ms. S