Medieval Castles (3rd, 6th, 8th Grade)

posted Apr 30, 2018, 7:46 AM by
EXPLORE students just completed designing and building their own Medieval castle, incorporating traditional castle parts into their design.  They discussed parts of a castle at the April 13th assembly and had a castle showcase the week of April 23-27 where the school was able to view all the castles and vote for their favorite one.

    Cassidy K. (left) and Kaylee L. (right) - 3rd grade             Jackson F., Jacob G., Emma B. (left) - 3rd grade             Emma L. and Riley M. - 6th grade
                                                                                                      Ryan C. and Lilly H. (right) - 3rd grade
   Trenton R. and Drake W. - 6th grade                                Aidan Witt - 8th grade                                    Adia H., Ryleigh H., and Kaylee C. - 8th grade
                    Ryan Robichaud - 8th grade                                      Celia Perks - 8th grade                                       Jocelyn Charron - 8th grade
            Caleb Cole - 8th grade