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February 3, 2017
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2nd Grade News

Hey all! Hope you have had a great week!  Please make sure you send back the conference sign up forms if you wish to schedule a winter conference.  The forms went home last week in the Friday folders.  

Crochet club for Miss McCabe's class will begin on Monday February 6th.  We will go from 2:45-4:00 PM.  If you think you may be late picking up your kiddo, please feel free to call me ahead of time to let me know :)  I can't wait to start!  I will update the newsletter, blog and website each week if I need to cancel the class.  Thank you to all who have signed up!  

Homework (Both Classes)

Weekend Homework: One spelling practice and two reading logs.  

Daily Homework: One spelling practice and one reading log (15 minutes of reading and at least 3 sentences about the story)


We are continuing to learn about subtraction with 1,000.  This week we are tackling regrouping in the tens and ones (borrowing from the tens column).  This concept is not coming as easily as regrouping in addition, so we will be spending a little extra time on this concept before introducing any new stations for now.  In the Chromebook station, the students have the opportunity to explore any math-related topic they want on Ed. City and IXL.  If you have any questions about the strategies being taught or used, please feel free to reach out.  We tell the students that if they are learning a certain way at home, and it is working for them, then use that strategy.  


Miss McCabe's reading groups:

  • L: Absolutely Lucy

  • M: The Pain and The Great One

  • N: The Chalk Box Kid

Mr. D's Reading Groups:

  • J/K: Just finished Little Bear's Visit

  • L: Absolutely Lucy

  • M: Stink, The Incredible Shrinking Kid


We have begun our new science unit, and it is so exciting and fun!  We are learning all about the plant cycle, and seed germination.  This week we are learning how pollination occurs, and in the coming weeks, we will be germinating a lima bean seed and observing and recording it's progress in our launch logs as it continues to grow.  


We are continuing our study on how to write a proper lab report!  This is a lot of fun.  The kids will be looking at our ramp experiment from last week, and modifying it to create their own experiment to test next week.  We can't wait to see what they will come up with!

Important Dates

Tuesday-Thursday February 14-16: Second Grade Parent teacher conferences.  

Friday, February 17: ½ day 12:30 dismissal

Week of February 20: Winter Break

Math Strategy

Subtraction with regrouping in tens and ones: