March 17, 2017

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

2nd Grade News

Hello! Hope you all have had a great week and are having a great weekend!  We have had a pretty great week, even with the snow day and two hour delay.  Here’s a look at what’s going on this next week in 2nd grade:

Spotlight Students!

This week, Mr. D would like to recognize Makenzie Forstner for her continuous hard work and amazing attitude!  Miss McCabe would like to recognize Lilly Garneau for keeping the peace and looking for peaceful ways to solve problems in the classroom!  Great job girls! Keep up the great work, we are so proud of you!


We will be finishing our unit on counting money next week and starting one on telling time.  The standard is that the students will be able to tell time on a clock (analog and digital) to the nearest 5 minutes.  As usual, the students will still be working with addition and subtraction facts and counting money through the different stations we have set up in the classroom.  We have a lot of fun activities set up for telling time.


Miss McCabe's reading groups:

  • L: The Mitten

  • M: Commander Toad

  • N: The Missing Mummy

  • N: The Magic Bone

Mr. D's Reading Groups:

  • L: Five Creepy Creatures

  • M: Ivy & Bean

  • M: Look at Lucy!

We will be revisiting reading strategies that touch on comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary this coming week.  Last week, we started a study on homographs.  We will be continuing this study over the next week, as it contains tough material and vocabulary.  There will be a strategy below that explains homographs so you can work with your child at home.  This can be a tricky topic to discuss because it deals a lot with using context clues.


We have finished the observations on the lima beans this week!  A few of the students experienced some amazing growth from their seeds!  This week we will be using the engineering design process to create a model, based on our knowledge of how seeds are dispersed, that could be used to disperse seeds over a large area of land.  This will be a really exciting end to this current unit!


This will be the last week of our informational writing books!  Our goal is to be completely finished editing and revising by Friday.  We will be getting into poetry for our next unit!

Homework (Both Classes)

Read for 15 minutes and then complete a 2-3 sentence log of what was read.  On Fridays, we will be sending home math worksheets for students who may need a little extra work on certain concepts.  Please have your kids do these skill building worksheets and bring them back with their Friday folders.  

Important Dates

Mondays 2:45-4:00: Crochet Club in Miss McCabe’s class.  If anyone in Mr. D’s class is interested in signing up, please see Miss McCabe for a permission slip.

March 21: End of Trimester 2

Wednesday, March 29: Incoming Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration and Information Night 6:00 PM

April 17-21: Spring Break

Saturday, May 20: Acton Variety Show 6:00 PM

Vocabulary Strategy of the Week:


Homographs are words that are spelled the same, but may have a different pronunciation and different meanings.



  1. What is the object of the game?

  2. Your Honor, I object!

  3. There is an object on the floor.


  1. The wind was blowing very hard yesterday.

  2. She had to wind the toy to get it to race across the floor.