March 3, 2017

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2nd Grade

March 3, 2017

Welcome Back!


2nd Grade News

Welcome back everyone!  Hopefully everyone had a restful vacation with the kiddos last week.  As you know, due to weather, many of our conferences were rescheduled for this past week.  If you have not had a chance to schedule a conference, and would like to, please reach out to us.  We will be more than happy to schedule a conference for you.  Here is a look at what is going on in each subject area in our classrooms:


We are reviewing subtraction this week, and will be giving another assessment at the end of the week.  The students will continue to work on addition and subtraction in their fluency station for the rest of the year.  Next week, we will be getting into time and money concepts.  The students will be able to work on these standards in various activities through station work, chromebooks, and whole group teaching.  


Miss McCabe's reading groups:

  • L: We are finishing with Absolutely Lucy this week!

  • N: The Ghosts of Cougar Island

Mr. D's Reading Groups:

  • J/K: Just finished Little Bear's Visit

  • L: Absolutely Lucy

  • M: Stink, The Incredible Shrinking Kid

On Friday, we did a whole class spelling test for the second hundred Sitton spelling words.  Spelling progress will be posted in Mastery Connect this weekend.  


We will be germinating a lima bean seed and making observations on the growth of this seed.  Students will be able to record their observations in their launch logs.


We are continuing our study on informational writing!  We will be looking at informational books and drawing on the techniques other writers use to improve our writing styles and features!  

Homework (Both Classes)

We did not do spelling this week, but new lists will go out on Friday. We will continue with our spelling homework next week.    

Important Dates

Mondays 2:45-4:00: Crochet Club in Miss McCabe’s class.  If anyone in Mr. D’s class is interested in signing up, please see Miss McCabe for a permission slip.  

March 10: End of Trimester 2

March 17: Report Cards go out

Reading Strategy of the Week:

Ask questions!

Ask questions throughout reading to improve comprehension.  Ask questions like:

Who? * What is happening to the main character? * Why did the main character choose that? * How does she/he feel? * When is the story taking place? * I wonder what will happen next.

Asking questions and making predictions throughout reading will help kids to better understand what they are reading and draw them back to the story.