Split Bliss!!

posted Jan 20, 2017, 3:43 PM by rmccabe@acton.k12.me.us
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2nd Grade News

Hey all!  We hope you have had a great three-day week!  We have been enjoying teaching this week!  The split seems to be going very well.  If you have any feedback for us, please feel free to send it our way.  Next week, we will be sending home sign-ups for the parent/teacher conferences we will be holding in February.  Be on the lookout for those coming in the Friday folders.  We have sent home Friday reports in the folders.  For Miss McCabe’s class, the reports only need to be signed if your kiddo earned a 2.5 or less.  New spelling lists have also been added to the Friday folders.  We will be doing spelling tests on Thursdays from now on, instead of Fridays in Miss McCabe’s class.  The students will get a new spelling list in the Friday folder each week.  

Specials Schedule


Mr. D (2A)

Miss McCabe (2B)


11:30-12:25 Library

1:55-2:25 Creative Integration

1:55-2:25 Creative Integration


11:30-12:25 Art

11:30-12:25 Computer


8:30-9:30 Music

8:30-9:25 Art

11:30-12:25 Music


8:30-9:30 Computer

11:30-12:25 PE

11:30-12:25 PE


No Special

8:30-9:25 Library

Homework (Both Classes)

Homework this weekend is to practice the new spelling words (one day) and complete two reading logs.  The expectation is a minimum of 15 minutes each day, and at least 3-5 sentences about the reading. Let me know if there are any questions about this.   


We have begun math stations again.  There are four stations currently.  One is a math fluency station where the students are practicing addition and subtraction.  The goal here is to become fluent in these facts.  There are lots of different activities in this station for the students to complete.  Next week, we will be assessing all the students’ overall knowledge of adding within 1,000 and then we will move into subtracting within 1,000.  


We will be continuing our reading groups next week!  The groups will incorporate phonics and decoding strategies as well.  At the end of the books, we will be testing the students’ reading levels.    


We are so excited for PLTW again!  We will be starting a unit on the properties of matter, but this time, we will be looking at form and function and pollination!  This will be a very exciting unit!


Our new writing unit will be an informational unit on how to write like a scientist.  This is every teacher’s dream to be able to really tie in multiple subject areas with one unit.  I am very excited because the writing and science will go hand in hand with this unit, and should create a much richer learning experience for the kids!

Important Dates

Tuesday-Thursday February 14-16: Second Grade Parent teacher conferences.  

Friday, February 17: ½ day 12:30 dismissal

Week of February 20: Winter Break

Math Strategy

Add 10 and subtract the remaining ones.  


58 + 8

Instead of counting on my fingers, I will add 10 to 58 instead.  

58 + 10= 68.  I know that 10 is 2 more than 8, so I will subtract 2 from my answer.  So 58 + 8= 66.  

The students can also make a number bond to help them figure out how much more ten is.