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Wednesday, March 18th

posted Mar 18, 2020, 7:45 AM by Tracy Scully
Happy Wonderful Wednesday!
This is the first day of remote learning, so please read directions carefully (more than once), and I have a suggestion for you at the end 😃.

1.  Your literature circles are still due on Thursday, Monday, Thursday, Monday.  
Lost on a Mountain in Maine and A Dog's Life need to submit work to me on a google doc labeled correctly with work well written by Thursday at 3:00pm. You will know if your work was approved by Friday at 12:00pm.  Be prepared because at some point, I might have us all on one google document discussing the book.
Shadow in the Sea needs to submit work to Mrs. Ottey on google classroom by Thursday at 3:00pm. 

Use the link below to access Scholastic Learn at Home: Grades 6+.  Go to DAY 1 and read the article titled "All About Emojis".

Complete the following assignment in a google doc and share it with me:
Your Name
Article Name

Watch the “All About Emojis” video😃❤🙃 . At the end of the video, the host asks: “What kinds of emojis would you like to see in the future?” Which emojis do you think are missing🔍 ? It's your turn to come up with an idea for a new emoji—sketch a design in a notebook📓  or on the computer 💻, and write a short paragraph describing it. What does it look like? What category is it in? How do you think people will use it when they're sending a text? Include something you learned in the article when constructing your paragraph. **If you sketch one, send me the picture if possible📸 .

**I showed you my new emoji in my video yesterday :).  Exercise category: Split, smile, with a bow. 

Whenever you submit an entry for these articles, I am looking for excellent, detailed writing, where you practice sentence structure, clever thoughts, using textual evidence, and demonstrate evidence of editing.

I am having a friend judge all emojis.  The top 3 emojis earn tickets🎟🎟🎟 🎉 .

Create a list of assignments each day because you will receive a few emails each day from teachers or ed. techs.
LA:  Lit circles due by Thursday at 3:00pm
       Emoji article due today by 4:00pm 🎖

Missing you🙁 , 
Ms. S